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10 Lessons I’ve Learned About What it Means to Be a Real Gentleman

When I first started this website in 2013, I set out on the mission to help empower people to build the confidence they need to stop settling for less than they deserved. I also strove to help redefine the concept of what it means to be a gentleman in our modern era – as it…

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Misunderstood Men: The Conversation Nobody is Having

I’d like to start this off with a disclaimer. Of the 1,000 pieces of content (articles and videos) I’ve created over the past 4 years, 95% of them have been focused around women and how to help their dating challenges. This one, is about men. So, I would ask you to refrain from commenting things…

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10 Stereotypes To Stop Spreading About Men

It is no secret that stereotypes, while admittedly sometimes seem to be quite accurate, do not hold true for every member of the group being stereotyped. Some are funny, some are offensive, and some are just aggravating. In discussions and observations I typically hear about how “men are” this or that. More often than not I…

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