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You’ll Be Your Own Worst Enemy Until You Change This One Thing

What can a story about two fish teach us about self-awareness? Have you heard the story about the two fish swimming in a fishbowl? One goes up to the other and asks, “How do you like the water?” The fish responds: “What is water?” The point is that the fish is so immersed (literally) in…

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How To Stay True To Yourself At All Times

How do we stay connected to our true identity and purpose while living in a world that is always trying to tell us who we’re supposed to be? Let’s think about the concept of identity for a moment. It seems simple at first, the basic fundamental idea of who you are. Your name is Susan,…

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How to Live with Confidence in Spite of Judgment

Human beings are wired to judge each other almost instantly. Is this person friend or foe? Will they hurt us or help us? Do I trust them or avoid them? And in the age of social media these instincts are lit on fire all day every day. We judge people based on their profile picture,…

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The real reason so many successful people are unhappy, and what to do about it

What does ‘success’ mean to you? If you live in America, odds are that the success you’ve been shown over the years revolves around the “what” you can obtain. The cars, the houses, the clothes – those things are what you should strive for in order to live a happy life. In school we learn…

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Why You Should Stop Letting Yesterday’s Pain Steal Today’s Happiness

If you are reading this, I would venture a guess to say that you have been hurt at some point in the past. It may have been a relationship that ended, a loved one or pet who was lost, or any other emotionally challenging experience in your life that you are the only person on…

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8 Steps To Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

For those of us who have set our sights on success, whatever our personal definition of that may be, there is one common thread we all share: The need and desire to keep improving in order to become the type of person who is capable of reaching these goals. While there are multiple avenues to…

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