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This one piece of advice will save you years of struggle and frustration

For those of you who don’t recognize them, the men bookending me in this photo are Jim Kwik and Simon Sinek. Jim is a coach for some of the most prominent figures on the planet in business, media, and entertainment. Simon is a world-renowned speaker who has one of the most watched TED talks of…

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Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Lately I have been connecting with as many people as I can on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, who I feel will motivate and inspire me to be better every day. As a blogger, freelance writer, and speaker – my path is not particularly traditional, so to speak. Anyone who considers themselves an entrepreneur understands the…

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Want More Money? Get More Action.

Oh yeah, you read that right. A German institute, the Institute for the Study of Labor (ISL) has published a study suggesting that people who are sexually active (more than 4 times per week) make up to 5% more than their less “lucky” colleagues. The results were consistent for both gay and straight workers and were not…

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You are better than the rat race.

Work. The grind. The 9-5’ers, the 95%’rs in this country, those who play the economic game the longest are usually those who are playing for someone else. They follow orders, they get told when they can take a break, when they have to come in and when they can go home…and the bigger picture shows…

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