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5 Ways To Start Choosing Better Relationships

Choosing the right person is all about trusting yourself to do so. Here’s how. You’ve faced heartbreak — we’ve all been there. Maybe it was recent, or maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten back out there. Either way, one thing is for certain: You’re wondering why the next time will be any different than the last,…

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The 11 Point Guide to Being an Even Better Partner

How can we, as men, be the best possible partner to the woman in our life? What are the best ways that we can make her feel supported and cared for? It’s not as much of a mystery as it seems. This article is an expansion on The 10 Point Guide to Becoming a More Attractive…

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5 Reasons You Need to Stop Fighting For Attention from Men (or Women)

You need to stop sacrificing your own self-worth for the sake of being in a relationship.

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