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You Can Respect a Woman and Still Seduce Her

Guys seem a bit confused these days. What does equality mean, exactly? Am I not supposed to pay for dinners or drinks anymore? I know she gets bombarded by comments on social media all the time, so can I no longer tell her she’s beautiful? Is she going to pepper-spray me if I say hello…

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7 Ways To Build A Deeper Connection With Her

I feel that much of our generation has lost sight of what it really takes to build a strong, long lasting relationship. Even more so, I don’t think that this is a secret. It seems to be pretty widely agreed upon that we have a lot of work to do if we want to break…

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Are You Happy, Or Just Comfortable?

I feel there are many things we can learn from having a pet. I have always been a dog person myself. My family has a beautiful English Labrador named Logan. Just like everyone else’s dog is to them, he is the “cutest, best dog in the world.” But more than companionship, Logan can teach us…

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