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7 Things We Can Learn From Kids

When each of us come into the world – we are a blank slate. We have the amazing ability to be formed and molded by our surroundings and the people who influence us in the most important of times. As we get older, we fall into routines and ways of thinking that may seem set…

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(GREAT Video) Kids React to ‘Controversial’ Cheerios Commercial

WOW! The things we can all learn from children. This is an amazing video of mixed reactions from children in response to the “controversial” Cheerio’s commercial that caught a lot of heat for featuring a set of interracial parents and a mixed race daughter. This is an absolute must watch and you’ll be surprised at…

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Watch 3-year-old Grayson Clamp hear for the first time (Video)

How amazing is this? This is the first time ever that 3 year old Grayson Clamp heard his father’s voice – or anything for that matter. And what great first words for a child to hear, “Daddy loves you.” You can see his father using sign language to communicate as well as speech, it’s unknown…

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