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Never Give Up: 10 Famous Failures Who Turned Into Successes

All too often, we are easily discouraged by a few failures. Failed business ventures, failed relationships, failed tests…each of us are faced with these detours in life, some more often than others. From an emotional level, it’s easy to get discouraged and see a ‘failure’ as the end of the road – but like in many…

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Defending Women Doesn’t Make You Less Of A Man

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have a tendency to speak out about hot button issues that affect us as a species and as a society. Issues that treat others unfairly or unjustly. The latest of which in the pop-culture mainstream is the leaking of hacked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, and multiple other…

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Why You Shouldn’t Look Up Jennifer Lawrence’s Leaked Photos

So, someone hacked into the phones of a few celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, and many others. Once in, they pulled some nude photos of the women and published them online. Men everywhere, rejoice! Right? Wrong. What just happened here is the on the spectrum of most intimate in violations of human…

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