LIMITLESS Life Coaching for High Achievers Seeking Deeper Fulfillment and Love

Highly acclaimed personal coaching services for high achievers seeking deeper fulfillment and love.

What is personal coaching?

As your coach, I serve as a trusted partner in your personal life, providing new perspectives to solve the problems that are holding you back from optimal levels of success and happiness.

Serving with integrity, compassion, respect, and some fun…we work together to bridge the gap between you and your goals.

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How does it work?

The deep, trusting and safe relationship that we build together is pivotal to the success of coaching.

Coaching is directive in nature, action-oriented, and focuses heavily on the steps you take in between sessions. In order to break through the barriers that are holding you back, we challenge your behavior, and the internal self-talk that’s been perpetuating negative patterns and behaviors.

The process of 1-1 coaching is impactful and inspiring. A successful coaching relationship happens through weekly sessions by video chat for a committed period of time (normally at least 6 months). Most people hire a life coach to help them have an even more fulfilling life, improve or change careers, lose weight, find love, or to deepen, resolve and/or fix relationships.

Am I a good fit?

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Additional services offered:

  • Private individual coaching
  • Corporate group workshops
  • Couple’s relationship coaching
  • Video presenting
  • Keynote and virtual speaking
  • Writing and content services



I found James just at the right time and it’s been an amazing ride going into a new chapter of my life. I feel stronger mentally having had these coaching sessions and my life can only get better going forward!  

I believe there are a few things that sets James apart from most other people and one of the things I noticed most was that James is one of the greatest listeners I’ve ever met.  I’m always amazed by how much he remembered about me and what we’ve talked about, even though it could have been months ago!

He’s also very generous with his advice and I always feel that he is rooting for me to live a life fully lived!

I’m glad our paths crossed and I hope we get to meet in person one day, whether I visit the USA or he visits the UK. 

All my best wishes,



“One of the best decisions I made to advance my dating game, and get results in achieving my goals, was securing James Michael Sama as my coach. He is truly outstanding and is the real deal. He not only knows his stuff, he makes it a point to know you. He takes the time to really get to know the authentic you, as he helps you visualize and strategize.

Then, he partners with you to stay on a path that’s right for you. He has a positive, individualized approach that gets results. I truly believe this work is his calling. He not only cares, he cheers you on the whole way and celebrates your victories at each stage of the process. He believes in you, sees the best in you, and helps you level up as he’s coaching you. He is as invested in your success as you are.

’m so glad that out of all the professional coaches I researched, he stayed at the top of my list…and now I know why. He’s like my secret superpower.”

Sherri, PhD


“Do you want to make an investment in yourself? Do you want to have clarity in how you approach relationships? Are you confused as to how to navigate the modern dating world? Look no further than to James to give you insight. His sensible, common sense approach is refreshing in the dating games advice proclaimed out there. He professes and lives those qualities that are timeless such as respect, integrity, kindness and most important self respect. Your investment in his coaching program will be well worth it.”

– Olimpia S.


“As a senior sales exec, father, and soon to be single again at 50, James was the needed friend and coach that I required. He has helped me significantly guide my way through a myriad of changes and uncover the truths I had to face in order to take my life from moderately successful to owning my destiny.”
– Brad, VP of sales

“James has helped me so much in so little time, from how I feel about myself to improving my communication with other people and in particular women. His insights so far have helped me feel more relaxed and enthusiastic about life where it relates to myself and other people. His concepts are easy to understand and putting them into practice has been a joy! Highly recommended!”

– Nick, music instructor

I’ve been connected with James since 2013. I always knew that he had the knowledge and ability to help me become the person I knew I was capable of becoming.I was struggling with major confidence issues and it was showing in all parts of my life — especially the dating part. I finally decided to pull the trigger five years later and am so pleased that I did. Through his program setup and intuition, he quickly was able to pick up on my strengths and weaknesses and knew where I could get the most out of his expertise.

He is extremely passionate about everything and so easy to talk to. I’ve learned to focus on myself more and to not care so much about what others think. I’ve also learned that passion is attractive and to not lose it when things start settling down.

I highly recommend James to anyone looking to become a better version of themselves or to anyone who feels like they are stuck in life and aren’t satisfied.

– Q, software engineer


“I recently started working with James, and I have to say I was completely blown away by his level of insight and his ability to get to the bottom of the issues and limitations that have prevented me from achieving my goals. He listened and within a few minutes was able to pick out the small and the big pieces of the puzzle to help guide towards creating a life I am happy and proud to live and also to go outside of my comfort zone…”

– Gina, attorney


“James is kind, intelligent and humble- unique in advisory and consulting. He understands what it’s like to both lead and be part of an effective team. He has the gift of making you feel valued, heard, and important- and conveys that skill to others around him”.

– Allen, CEO

A longstanding proven system for you to become Limitless.

Introducing your new coach:

James Michael Sama is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and coach. James has spent the past 10+ years cultivating his own confidence through relentless research into psychology, neuroscience, leadership, social dynamics, relationships, and more.
James’ writing has now been viewed over 38 million times just on his website alone, and he has become a “go-to” expert with outlets such as Bravo, The New York Post, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, CNBC, and more. James has spoken in front of audiences ranging from 20 people to 25,000 people.
James has accumulated over 400,000 collective highly engaged social media followers on his verified pages (FacebookTwitterInstagram), and is now on a mission to help people like YOU achieve the same confidence and results.


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