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How to Live with Confidence in Spite of Judgment

Human beings are wired to judge each other almost instantly. Is this person friend or foe? Will they hurt us or help us? Do I trust them or avoid them? And in the age of social media these instincts are lit on fire all day every day. We judge people based on their profile picture,…

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If you feel lost and unfulfilled, it’s probably because you’re not disciplining yourself

What builds confidence in a person? Notice the word “builds” in that question. Confidence is not a magical personality trait that you either have, or you don’t. Fulfillment is not a lottery prize that some people feel, and others are deprived of. Direction in life is not a navigation system implanted in some of us…

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Here’s why “just be yourself” is terrible advice

Listen, I know you’re a good person. I know that you have wants, needs, desires, fears, dreams, deep emotional experiences, and a variety of life experiences every day. I also know that your friends and family care a lot about you. They want the best for you and they want to see you happy. Here’s…

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5 ways to be the person everyone wants to meet at any event

The phrase ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ has been around for decades, and in many ways still rings true today. This is especially true when seeking a job, opportunity, or even a romantic partner. But in the age of networking transforming into social networking and adding an online component, there is…

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7 keys of confidence that will get you through any door

Just weeks after moving to Hollywood, California, I had people who’d been living there for years consistently reaching out to me to find out what the hottest event was that night, and asking how I’d seen more in a few weeks than they’d seen in a few years. The answer was pretty simple: I just…

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What Confidence Looks Like (Part 1 – Men)

There are some things that never go out of style – fast cars, good food, beautiful women, and…a man’s confidence. Your confidence shows through everything. It speaks louder than the car you drive, the condo you live in, or the way you dress. Your confidence can open doors for you in life, and lack of…

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