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You Don’t Need Perfection To Find Magic

I received a message once from a reader that I thought raised an interesting topic of discussion. The message read as follows: Hello James! So… I have to propose a question to you that a friend recently asked me. First you should know that I am an avid daily reader of your blog and I…

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7 Things That Make A Woman Sexy

The word “sexy” in modern day society has often become synonymous with the matched drum-beats and stiletto steps made famous by Victoria’s Secret advertisements. While that is sexy, it is a very ‘high level’ approach to what the word really means. Meaning, we see it from afar, but don’t get into the details of it. Many of…

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The Secret To Understanding Women

The female mind is one of the most intriguing enigmas known to man. It can be fascinating, or frustrating, both for men and women. Men want to understand women, naturally, to be “better” with them, and build stronger relationships; both intimately and in other aspects of life. And women want to understand themselves (don’t we…

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8 Standards Of Conduct For The Modern Gentleman

When writing about the topics of being what could be considered in modern society a “gentleman” or a “lady,” I am often surprised by the backlash. Whether it is being called a sexist for actually recognizing the biological and behavioral differences between men and women, or those who feel personally insulted that they may not…

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Please Vote For As Best Dating Blog 2014!

Hello all! I don’t usually ask for favors but I would love to have another award for this blog on the books, and I can only do it with your help! I had no idea voting started for these awards but I am nominated and far behind because of it! Please please find on this…

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