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Welcome to the party!

I know you are here to build a deeper sense of confidence, meaning, and fulfillment into your life I mean, aren’t we all?

I know I’ve spent far too much time along the wrong paths and in the wrong relationships, and when it really came down to it, it was because I was always trying to please everyone around me and had lost sight of my own identity and purpose.

So, naturally, I was attracting all of the wrong people and opportunities because I wasn’t showing them my true self. Now that I’ve finally created a life and built a relationship that is in full alignment with my true identity, I know it’s because I made the decision to show up with authenticity from the beginning.

That’s really why you’re here, isn’t it? To finally build the courage and confidence to express your most authentic self to the world and create a life you love as a result.

After all, you don’t attract what you desire, you attract what you project.

I learned this lesson the hard way many times until I finally learned what I needed to do in order to feel comfortable and confident being me.

That’s what all of my coaching is all about.

Empowering you to step into your personal power and bring that to the world every single day.

Wait, dude, who are you?

  • Oh! Right…I should probably introduce myself.

My name is James, and I am one of the most widely read personal relationship writers on the planet. With my work being viewed over 100 million times across the globe, I specialize in personal development and relationship writing, speaking, and (you guessed it) coaching.

I’ve been coaching for over a decade and am frequently featured in international and local media sources. My clients range from international security experts, to CEOs, to MMA fighters, to PhD professors. After all, we all crave love, eh?

I spent the first 20 years of my life feeling lost and unaccepted, and never understood why. I finally dove into the world of psychology, social dynamics, attraction building, and relationship advice. Helping others overcome their own challenges has been my life’s work ever since.

But, enough about me…

This is about you.

Is this even for you?

In this program, we will:

– Work to define your identity: Who are you as an individual, and who do you want to be?

– Set goals and develop measurable action steps to achieve them.

– Clearly identify what you want versus what you actually need so you STOP WASTING TIME ON THE WRONG PEOPLE. πŸ™‚

– Work on inner-dialogue and how you speak to the most important person: Yourself. 

– Discuss real, actionable tips and strategies that can get you meeting more people, immediately.

– Receive a free copy of my bestselling book, Unlocking Love.

– Live a happier, more fulfilling life, regardless of your relationship status!

You will walk away with a completely transformed and evolved way of approaching your relationship with yourself, and those around you.

I’m doing this for an extremely limited number of individuals and not planning to offer this again in the future in this capacity.

I’m offering this to create a movement of people who are committed to living their best lives and forming even stronger relationships.

This is a huge opportunity for you and your love life.

I’m ready! What happens next?!

Use the payment link to enroll below:

Limitless VIP

Access to Limitless VIP 4 week Course


After you’re enrolled, I’ll personally send you a welcome email so we can get to know each other better. I’ll ask for your mailing address for your free copy of my book, and give you the link and time for our Zoom calls.

Sure, sure, but do people actually get results?

I’m glad you asked:

β€œAs a senior sales exec, father, and soon to be single again at 50, James was the needed friend and coach that I required. He has helped me significantly guide my way through a myriad of changes and uncover the truths I had to face in order to take my life from moderately successful to owning my destiny.” β€“ Brad, VP of sales


β€œJames has helped me so much in so little time, from how I feel about myself to improving my communication with other people and in particular women. His insights so far have helped me feel more relaxed and enthusiastic about life where it relates to myself and other people. His concepts are easy to understand and putting them into practice has been a joy! Highly recommended!”– Nick, music instructor


I’ve been connected with James since 2013. I always knew that he had the knowledge and ability to help me become the person I knew I was capable of becoming.I was struggling with major confidence issues and it was showing in all parts of my life β€” especially the dating part. I finally decided to pull the trigger five years later and am so pleased that I did. Through his program setup and intuition, he quickly was able to pick up on my strengths and weaknesses and knew where I could get the most out of his expertise.

He is extremely passionate about everything and so easy to talk to. I’ve learned to focus on myself more and to not care so much about what others think. I’ve also learned that passion is attractive and to not lose it when things start settling down.

I highly recommend James to anyone looking to become a better version of themselves or to anyone who feels like they are stuck in life and aren’t satisfied.– Q, software engineer


β€œI recently started working with James, and I have to say I was completely blown away by his level of insight and his ability to get to the bottom of the issues and limitations that have prevented me from achieving my goals. He listened and within a few minutes was able to pick out the small and the big pieces of the puzzle to help guide towards creating a life I am happy and proud to live and also to go outside of my comfort zone…”– Gina, attorney


β€œJames is kind, intelligent and humble- unique in advisory and consulting. He understands what it’s like to both lead and be part of an effective team. He has the gift of making you feel valued, heard, and important- and conveys that skill to others around him”.– Allen, CEO

Ready to rock? Let’s do this.

Limitless VIP

Access to Limitless VIP 4 week Course