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5 Behaviors You Need to Stop Accepting from Men

Have you ever looked back at a relationship and the way he treated you, only to shake your head or wonder how in the world you possibly accepted such treatment? Or, maybe you’ve listened to a friend tell you about their experiences and you can’t bring yourself to fathom why they put up with it…

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“Does he like me?” 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

In the digital era where interactions are fleeting, romance has become heart emojis, and ‘ghosting’ has become a common way to end a relationship (just disappearing without saying anything), it is understandable that dating has become more of a Rubix Cube than ever before. So, then, how can you possibly tell if a guy is…

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On The Power of Singledom

As someone who has spent the past 5 years writing about dating and encouraging people to bring romance and dignity back to relationships, I have frequently been met with consistent pushback that sounds something like this: There are no good people left in the world. Nobody wants to put in any effort anymore. I’ve accepted…

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