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5 Ways To Define What You (Really) Want in a Relationship

Relationships are perhaps our most valuable asset in life, besides time. And while there are many different types of relationships, the person we choose to commit ourselves to intimately, may be the most important decision you can make. While I’ve always said that the most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself, your significant other…

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5 Ways Modern Society is Crushing Romance

Ah, romance. The stuff seemingly only found in history books and black and white movies where men wore three-piece-suits and called women “darling.” An era not without flaws, of course, and it’s easy to see that society has evolved in strides even throughout the past few decades, but it’s arguable that not everything has been an…

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The New School Romance Podcast: Is Chivalry Dead?

In the premiere episode of New School Romance, host James Michael Sama discusses widespread frustrations with the state of dating in today’s day and age. Are chivalry and romance dead? Are they ever coming back? Should we even work to bring them back? And, if so, how do these things look in modern society compared to…

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