The Lost Value of Commitment

Ah, commitment. When we think of commitment in relation to today’s relationships, we primarily think it means being with one person. Monogamy. Not cheating. You are committed to that person. I think, though, it is a word that is thrown around too easily. Much like how we ‘love’ people we barely know and ‘hate’ people […]

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You Do Not Have The Right

I often see people talking about how the world has gone crazy lately. How things are going downhill. How there is no loyalty or dignity or honor or respect. While I agree with a general downward spiral of reality, I also think that this shows a lack of understanding of where our species has evolved […]

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11 Things Men Want Women to Know

Women think men are complicated, and men think women are complicated. Could this be because we spend too much time trying to figure each other out and not enough time learning about each other? Too much time talking about each other and not enough time talking to each other? I think if men would sit down and have meaningful conversations […]

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The 15 Real Signs of a Genuine Man

Genuine. A word seemingly reserved in today’s society for objects or artifacts. This is a ‘genuine’ piece. A ‘genuine’ collection. A ‘genuine’ whatever-the-hell. What you do not often hear, though, is how a person is genuine. I read (and listen to) stories on nearly a daily basis that describe the behavior of human beings in ways […]

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