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Here’s Why Men Should Still Pay For Dates

“It’s 2016. Why are men still paying for women on dates?” Alfie Kohn asks in a recent Boston Globe Magazine article. He continues in his 2016 article: “Men paying for meals may have made more sense when fewer women worked outside the home — and those who did faced a bigger gender wage gap —…

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The 8-Point Checklist to Identify a “Real Date”

One of the more common discussions I see happening regarding dating and relationships these days, is about the lack of actual dating that seems to be happening. Last minute texts to ‘hang out’ or invitations to ‘grab a drink’ seem to suffice. That being said, there is a time and place for everything. Sometimes the more casual…

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7 Signs You’ve Given Your Heart to the Wrong Person

I am no stranger to people talking to me about their relationships. Human psychology and how people interact with each other has always fascinated me, so I enjoy the conversation. Perhaps that’s how I ended up writing about this topic in the first place. I am seeing more of a trend lately, though. I’m hearing…

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