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10 Things Your Boyfriend Should NEVER Do

It’s exhausting, really. It’s exhausting to hear stories day in and day out of mistreatment, of disrespect, of downright inexcusable behavior by men while I dedicate much of my time writing about how there really are so many good guys out there. Before I get the backlash, yes, I understand women are far from perfect…

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The Secret to Living Your Life to The Fullest

It’s a quiet Sunday morning, I’ve come up to my parents’ house to visit for the weekend. Logan, our 4-legged family member, is sleeping on my shoulder. His faint snoring is the only other discernible sound outside of the country music in my headphones (I’m just as surprised as you that I listen to country).…

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23 Names of Emotions You Feel, but Can’t Explain

I came across one of those anonymous Facebook graphics that one normally tends to ignore, but for some reason it caught my attention and being someone who is interested in both language and psychology, the combination of the two was interesting to me. Here are 23 names for feelings you likely experience often, but never…

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