5 Reasons To Keep Courtship Alive

In many of my articles I refer to “courtship” or “courting a woman,” when discussing chivalry and romance, but it is rarely defined in modern times. According to Dictionary.com, what is courtship, exactly? 1. The wooing of one person by another. 2. The period during which such wooing takes place. 3. Solicitation of favors, applause, etc. 4. Ethology. behavior in animals that occurs before and during mating, often including elaborate displays. 5. Obsolete. courtly behavior; courtesy; gallantry. While “solicitation of favors” is questionable, one of these points stands out to me […]

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5 Things Men Will Never Tell You

Often times, we tend to hear more vocal dissatisfaction from women regarding the current state of dating, than we do from men. But, many times men are equally frustrated or faced with challenges. The problem is, men think it will emasculate them to voice certain opinions, so I’m going to do it here for us/them. […]

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7 Signs You’re Giving Too Much

A healthy relationship is about give and give, not give and take. It’s not even 50/50, it’s more like 100/100. There is no “part time” relationship, you’re either in…or you’re out. But sometimes, our judgment gets clouded. We really care about the person we’re with so we’re willing to do everything for them. The difference […]

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