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5 Signs Her Parents Will Approve Of You

When it comes to building a long-lasting relationship, we learn the importance of getting along with each other’s families. Holidays, vacations, and just normal conversations become increasingly awkward if your significant others’ parents don’t approve of your relationship. For the gentlemen, what are some qualities that can give you a competitive advantage when meeting her…

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10 Things More Important Than Beauty

We live in a society that reminds us of beauty every single day. Advertisements of beautiful people, television shows with beautiful people, commercials with beautiful people, beautiful people around us… Even I post photos of beautiful people in my articles. Aesthetically pleasing individuals draw us towards them visually. They make products look better, and make…

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7 Reasons Caring Is A Strength

In today’s society, it often seems as though being cold towards others is seen as being “strong,” and showing feelings and emotions is equivalent to being “weak,” especially for men. People say if you don’t care then you’ll never get hurt, and if you hold no expectations for people, you’ll never be disappointed. While, in…

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