The Evolution Of Monogamy

I think it’s safe to say that we are all aware that we live in a society with an astronomically high divorce rate (something above 60%?), TMZ telling us which celebrity had an affair this week, social media newsfeed stories about couples breaking up, getting back together, fighting, breaking up again, and it goes on. Yet…when…

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Hey, I Like Your Stuff

We are at a party on a roofdeck in the middle of Boston. It’s beautiful. Like, the kind of place you see in the movies, beautiful. The guy who owns this penthouse is spectacularly successful and is close with my new favorite people in Boston who run these events, The Good Ones. Everyone is dressed…


10 Qualities Of A Desirable Man

In a society flooded with articles, social media updates, dating advice magazines, and hardly ever enough mental down-time to slow down and reset – we are left overloaded on information about “what to do,” but hardly enough insight on who to be. Especially as men, all of the “advice” out there is how to talk…