10 Qualities Of A Desirable Man

In a society flooded with articles, social media updates, dating advice magazines, and hardly ever enough mental down-time to slow down and reset – we are left overloaded on information about “what to do,” but hardly enough insight on who to be. Especially as men, all of the “advice” out there is how to talk…

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give

Here is a concept you may have come across before. Think of this for a second…picture your bank account being credited with $86,400…every single morning. But, at the end of each day, it resets back to zero and you get another $86,400 to start the next morning all over again. What would you do? Would…


8 Signs You Are Being Played

We have discussed 8 signs of a toxic relationship, where some often-overlooked abusive tendencies came into light for many people. Tendencies that we brush off in modern society as “normal” or “just the way things are.” In reality – we need to help our peers recognize signs of positive and negative relationships so we can…